Essential features

Here is a list of essential features all of our forms contain.

Use your form anyway you wish

We have built our forms to be as flexible as possible, embed, link or even post data to our forms. We also support forms in iOS applications using our exposed endpoint.

Spam Prevention

Stupid-Pointless-Annoying-Messages, nothing more annoying than spam, we filter al submissions and throw away any spam submissions.

Zapier Integration

Once a form has been submitted, easily sent it on to a third party app like Twitter, Mailchimp or any other application available

Form Validation

All fields will under go form validation, it's important to ensure all data submitted is clean and valid.


Easily share your form with the world, all our forms support open graph.

Easily handle after submission

Easily show a message to a user once they have submitted their form, or just redirect to a url.

Partial form submission

See your form get filled in, in real time.

Data features

Here is a collection of features to help you represent and manage your data.

Data querying

Easily query and filter your submissions

Data analytics

See your submissions on a graph, this may help you break information into groups and represent them in a clean way.


Access all your submissions using a JSON API, with pagination support.

Custom Webhooks

Maybe you want to integrate with an app, when a form has been submitted, we will post data to your endpoint

Google Analytics

Keep track of user engagement using Google Analytics, simply add your tracking ID and start collecting data. We also trigger interaction events.

Facebook Tracking

Add your Facebook tracking ID and we will do the rest, we also trigger events based on user interaction with your form.

Design features

Building and styling forms has never been easier.

Form Builder

Quickly build your form using our built in form builder, drag and drop fields easily to your form.

Integrated Style editor

Once your form is built, you can easily style your form and the experience of your form

Form Styles

Apply different styles to your form to improve the look and feel.

Multiple Layouts

Determine how your form experience should be, easily choose a layout to set the user experience of your form.

Embed Media

Embed your images or choose to embed a video from YouTube, Gif from Giphy or an image from Unsplash.

Conditional fields/questions

Show or hide a field depending on the value of other fields/questions in your form

A growing list of field types

Take a look at our growing and innovative list of fields we have to offer

Integrate media into your forms

Include your images or choose from a wide selection of media from YouTube, and Giphy.

We are working hard on bringing new features to you with clean and easy to use form designs.